Tuesday, August 25, 2009

F·PROT/Lykla·Pétur and Púki DVD Covers

This summer I made some new DVD covers for the cases for my employer's software products. (My employer is FRISK Software International or Friðrik Skúlason ehf). The design process took around 2 months and the basic layout went through many big changes from start to finish. Here you can take a look at the final result.

I made English and Icelandic packaging for their Antivirus application, F·PROT, or Lykla·Pétur in Icelandic:

I also redesigned the Icelandic version of the logo, seen above, since the company has decided to revert to the Icelandic name and cease the use of the international F·PROT in the Icelandic market.

And finally, I redesigned the cover of the Icelandic spell-checker Púki (English: Imp). I also designed its new logo/icon which will debut inside the actual program in the next release which will happen around the time Microsoft releases Office 2010 next year. And here you can see it next to it's big brother, Lykla·Pétur:

See more information at f-prot.com (English), frisk.is and puki.is (Icelandic).